Brake replacement in Boston

At Leas Garage, we are specialists in all manner of repair and replacements for a range of vehicle parts including brakes, clutches, and cambelts.

Most parts are available the same day, but if we need to keep your car a little longer, we can lend you a FREE courtesy car so that your life is not disrupted while we fix things.

Brakes repaired and replaced by a professional

It goes without saying that brakes are an essential part of road safety. If yours are not as responsive as they have been, don’t leave it any longer to get them looked at.

We can carry out full or part brake inspections and brake roller testing, to identify key issues. We will then strip and clean the brake, replacing any parts needed with top quality, cost effective components, usually at a fraction of the price of main dealers.

Clutches fitted by a highly experienced mechanic

If you clutch is getting more and more worn, your vehicle will become harder to drive and ultimately less safe to be on the road.

Our trained staff can fit clutches and dual mass flywheels on most modern vehicles, and we offer extremely competitive rates on this normally very costly job.

We also specialise in vehicle air conditioning and diagnostics, so no matter what your vehicle needs, contact Leas Garage.

Cambelts changed by an expert

If you cambelt snaps, it can cause catastrophic engine failure, often resulting in a cost of hundreds of pounds to rectify the damage.

Make sure this does not happen to you – get your cambelt checked out and if needed, changed, by one of your highly skilled team.

We offer in-depth vehicle servicing, which goes above the standard that most manufacturers require.

Brakes, clutches, and cambelts serviced and repaired by a well renowned team in Boston, Lincolnshire.

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